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You might only know our wonderful veterinarian from visiting your farm or doing ambulatory work out in the field, but the IMVS family is made complete with our crucial staff at the clinic!


Olivia is the cheerful, positive voice heard on the phone at the clinic most days. She is truly a “do it all” helper and cares about all animals as if they were her own. She and Dr. Ipock met when Olivia was just 2 years old at an emergency for a family horse. Over the years, she has had Dr. Ipock do all veterinary care for her horses. Olivia grew up in Trenton, NC. Trail riding is her passion. She grew up being familiar with the human medical field as her mother worked at a multispecialty clinic, and her stepfather fought with cystic fibrosis. Her mother had a huge soft spot for animals and always brought home a horse, dog, or cat in need. Olivia worked at Tractor Supply for 5 years, working up to assistant store manager. Her love for animals attributed to a smooth transfer into her job here at IMVS. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her 3 children and her animals.

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