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Our Veterinary Expert:
Kimberly Ipock, DVM
Our Crew at the Clinic:
Olivia Lisewski

We have been providing both on-site and in-house veterinary care to horses, cattle, sheep, goats, and the occasional farm dog or cat since 1996.


Our mission is to provide exceptional and compassionate care to our patients though relevant medicine, client education, and collaboration with others who work to advocate for the health and welfare of our patients.

The clinic is located outside of La Grange, NC in the small community of Institute. The facility includes a 6 stall barn and 10 acres of pasture, providing ample space for patients who need an extended stay under different types of veterinary care. Our ambulatory services cover a vast area beyond La Grange, reaching all of Eastern North Carolina. To learn more details about our clinic, click here.

The relationship we form with our clients is extremely important to us. We take pride in our long-standing, personal history with our current clients, and look forward to building the same connections with future clients. To hear what our clients have to say about our clinic and services, click here.



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